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Stroke it Pool wants to spread a bit of wit, laughter, sarcasm and just down right fun to everyone. So we are offering 20% off to our customers that purchase from us and help spread the word about our products here at Stroke it Pool.

In order to receive your 20% off coupon make sure who ever you share our site with writes your name in the notes box/section of the Shopping Cart page of their purchase.

Once we know that the delivery of their items have been made we will email you with your coupon code for 20% off!

So make sure you inlcude your email to your purchase and opt in to our newsletter in order for for us to have your name and email address so we can deliver your specific coupon code.

So, share our site far and wide any way you can. Can use our share butttons, via your mobile device to all your social media accounts and/or on the streets when people ask you where you got your shirt or what ever product you got through us.

Thank so much for shopping with us at Stroke it Pool.

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